Friday, October 24, 2008

I Double Dog Dare You

Dear Conservative Friends,

I have a bet for you. $1000, donated to a charity of your choice, four years from now. The bet is that on the macroeconomic indicator or indicators of your choice - job creation per capita, major stock market index, GDP growth, average family income, poverty rate, whatever you want - should Obama win, his administration's average yearly economic performance in four years will exceed that of Bush's over eight. In fact I'll even spot Bush 10%, even given the fact that we're apparently headed into at least a recession if not a depression.

Ye who are yammering on about what a socialist Barack is, about how the markets are ruined in anticipation of his economy-crushing policies, about how the guy with Warren Buffet advising him is such an unholy pinko: time to put it up or shut it up. Drop me an email and we can sort out the details.

Incidentally, no, we can't afford to put $1000 towards charity right now. The fact that I think in four years we'll be able to is part of the bet.


1 comment:

William said...

This would be an excellent bet for Long Bets. Or at least a registered prediction.